It has been a while... New blog, fresh start.

Creating a new blog, how and why ? Showing some pictures and express some ideas, it is a fresh start.

It has been a while... New blog, fresh start.

It has been a while since I wanted to make a blog about my pictures. I love  photography but I had zero ways, exept instagram to publish my work and express the stories about these images. Here we are, hello new kid.

What a dilemna, is it meaningfull to take pictures, go home, and store your good pics forever on your computer ? Mhh, maybe not. So I made this blog to show some of my work.

Ready to shoot, but not only. I splited the blog into two parts: the first, the photography one, where I can share my adventures, photoshot and stories. As I am an engineer, I also created a part about technology. With that, I can share my tech discoveries.

It is like a little part of me, made with time and love, I hope you will love my content.

Its cold out there
Photo by Thomas Lipke / Unsplash